O. Marcel Aulenbacher

O. Marcel Aulenbacher

Head of Marketing & IT SMS | Werbetechnik, Stuttgart

Internet professional since 2002. German nationality. Responsible for corporate image and communication as well as IT and corporate cybersecurity at Marketing & IT SMS. He has work experience in more than nine sectors of small companies, start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporations, both as an employee, entrepreneur and freelancer.

His technical and business knowledge leads him to critical reflection and observation of current technological developments related to digitization, robotics, AI and the present and future consequences that all this represents for society.

He participates in the DIAR project because of his interest in ethics applied to the design and use of AI and robotics, in connection with the social and labor functions that these technologies represent in today’s society. He is motivated to contribute to a public consciousness on the lack of regulation to determine the limits of the arms industry and its ability to develop autonomous weapons connected to AI that can perform critical functions (selection and targeting) to the detriment of human rights and the value of life.