Justice begins the deployment of the legal dictation system equipped with AI

Fotografía: Ministerio de Justicia de España, por Luis Garcia del 21 de junio de 2015

Foto: Ministry of Justice, Spain, by Luis García, 2015, Wikipedia

As part of the process of digital transformation of administration of justice in Spain, the Ministry of Justice of that country initiated in June 2022 the deployment of an advanced technology called “Sistema de Dictado Jurídico” (Legal Dictation System), which will allow the rapid and accurate production of specialised transcriptions of legal texts through voice recognition, helping to streamline and increase the effectiveness of the Spanish Justice system.

This system uses artificial intelligence technologies and deep neural networks that are useful for deep learning and incorporated into a voice recognition and translation software whose purpose is to serve as a tool for magistrates, judges, lawyers of the administration of justice or court clerks and prosecutors.

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