Book publication: “Lethal autonomous weapons”

Book publication: “Lethal autonomous weapons”

MEZA, M. (2022). “LETHAL AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS: a challenge for international humanitarian law, human rights, international security and disarmament”, a high-quality monograph on legal research funded by the Spanish Red Cross, editorial tiran lo blanch, Valencia, p.p. 773.

Publication summary

This book addresses the challenges posed by lethal autonomous weapons, an advance in weapons that was unthinkable years ago, almost a science fiction issue, and which today has become a reality. It is about the use of emerging technologies for the design of lethal weapons for military and security purposes, endowed with almost absolute autonomy to carry out critical functions (such as the selection and attack of targets) and, therefore, with little -or any–significant level of human control.

So, this book is especially relevant, as it offers its reader an interdisciplinary, transversal, and prospective analysis about the promises and risks that these weapons represent for humanity. Its argumentative development opens important, controversial, and novel questions, many of which provoke and enrich the debate on this matter, focusing attention on the examination of the affectation that these weapons represent for human rights, international humanitarian law, international security, and disarmament.

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